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An amnesty is forever ...

December 12, 2006 1 comment

Fantastic imitation and parody of Tremonti by Guzzanti!

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December 11, 2006 No comments

Beautiful Song: Fidelity by Regina Spektor.

Maybe expresses my state of mind, a bit 'of time (a bit' in short) in this part of the melody is perfect ... I would say ... a continuous ticking like what I have always in my head. Always.

This is the video with the song ... maybe you will share with me the opinion or maybe you'll think it's just another A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

The words, perhaps, but in the end are trivial banality is not always a bad thing, especially since the topic is love.

But what can you do?

Continue. "Solo" to continue.

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MaiDireGol ... legendary video!

December 7, 2006 No comments

Every time I see him I can not help but laugh at the stupidity of Big Brother (Big Brother) Hungarian ...


December 6, 2006 No comments

Do you feel strong? Go to the gym and see your muscles grow visibly ... people here look really strong. I am not the classic "superdopati" Buff, but people very well trained.

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Google under investigation in Italy: madness!

November 29, 2006 1 comment

Prodi said: "Country is crazy, do not you think more about the future."

Of course, the context of this phrase was different, but if we decide to adopt the Google case, would fit "brush".

Let us look at the facts:

Friday, November 24, 2006, two leaders of the Italian division of Google came under investigation because they were accused of "complicity in aggravated defamation" because of the infamous video posted on Google Video in which a boy is beaten down to Turin from peers.
Although Google has taken steps to eliminate immediately (a few days) prohibited content, the NPO Vivi Down filed a complaint for defamation and PM Cajani Francesco in Milan, after the entry in the docket of the representatives of Google, has ordered the search of 'company. [Source -point ]

Political and social consequences:

Strong sense of disapproval by all (understandable).
Proposal of the Minister Fioroni to "protect children" by impending danger of the web that allows you to access content of all types with a single click.

Carry really interesting interview at the Minister Fioroni which you can read here:

Although the proposal is ethically right and noble is impossible in my opinion.
About Fioroni on the site of the Daisy says that at this time "to stem the phenomena which lead the young to resume their antics at the expense of weaker then even circulated via the Internet, the Minister and the Government are, in practice, talking to revise the law governing access to the web and the use of video games. "

The comic are two things:

1) You are concerned about the company and Google is not the problem of families who educate NOT (obviously) their children by allowing them to "emulate" the nonsense that can be found on the web, in video games or elsewhere;
2) The blog of the Minister Fioroni up to a day or two ago had a lot of comments within a few posts (spam) are pornographic in nature, should not be denounced and prosecuted too? Well ...

The truth is that we are a backward country in all respects, not innovative and are the only ones making fools of ourselves in all respects at the computer just for making us distinguish our incompentenze techniques and in this case also legal. Instead of investigating the perpetrator of this act of bad taste, we go to Google that the content is not filtered properly ... as if they received two videos a day and a few tens of thousands.

As long as Italy as a country does not want to conform to the rest of the world we find ourselves always at a standstill, in which only the complaints take hold.

Internet, the web, I am freedom for all of us, allows us to have everything and more, it's up to us to decide what to want, and it's up to us to control our children. And 'our responsibility, not others. If there is a game too bloody for our children, Are we not having to buy, not to the company that created it do not get to our children. Let us not be hypocritical for a good time in our history.

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