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WordPress 2.6 ... the "saga" continues!

July 15, 2008 6 comments

And after more than a month of development, the team of WordPress has released another major update to the platform's most popular bloggers, or at least to me.

We are therefore in WordPress 2.6 !

There are many new features:

  • review system of post
  • support for gears;
  • preview of the themes;
  • Posted via Bookmarlet;
  • correction of 194 bugs;
  • more ...

I refer you to the website of the good old (not so eh) David for a detailed explanation of the changes introduced (with a screen).

I have already updated without problems, only a plugin that makes the tantrums, but other than that no hitch!

How about you? What are you waiting?

Milan-Inter derby

May 5, 2008 2 comments

Many know of my faith Inter and many others will know the outcome, alas not too favorable (for me at least), the last Milan derby Milan - Inter ended with the victory by 2 to 1 for the Rossoneri.

I was at the stadium and I must say it was a 'beautiful emotion, regardless of the outcome ...

The thing that I liked was the choreography are the two fans that I can not help but make available to all ... very scenic and very nice! Very beautiful teasing on one side and the other ... that's the beauty of football!

On the other hand did not fail to bring to light their dementia (not senile unfortunately) "my" fans, those Nerazzurri, during and after the game have flooded the first link (AC Milan) of litter and above all objects of all sorts. Fortunately inconvenienced or more ... only a few insults and much regret to see so much stupidity concentrated in such a small space!

To tell the truth I had to demented even by side ... but more moderate, their was only one cheering idiots that I was stressed out and stunned for most of the match (I do not speak to Inter, AC Milan because my friend, who sat at my side, he could strangle would have done).

Well in short, a good game, shame about the result ... but something definitely worth!

Forza Inter!

Ps: we hope to win this championship next Sunday at home against Siena ...

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"Faith" in YamamaY ...

April 14, 2008 No comments

Finally ... after months of insistence against my colleague, I managed to convince him to take me with him to see a lot of her cousin who plays in women's volleyball at A1!

The team in question is YamamaY of Busto Arsizio.

Travel by train tumultuous deleted and "diversion" from our side of a bus with a driver rather bizarre but friendly and helpful (we will probably feel sorry for him) to make us fall in the vicinity of this building seemingly unattainable (Palayamamay).

The match was really exciting despite the odds favored Despair gave totally Perugia, half the week before the ages recovering from a major victory in the international (European champions). The final result was 3-2 to Perugia, but that effort!

Point by point ... all played in a few minutes the tie-break final 16-14 for the bad guys (I tifavo rightly YamamaY).

Admittedly, in the end it was just to be missed!
I mean you can remove the last point, the decisive one, number 4? Oh no ... he was going to win ... taken away ... lost! We had "faith" in YamamaY, really great "Faith"!

No matter, it was a good game, a good night and a good reason to give the coup de grace to my voice and my throat that was, unfortunately for me, already at the limit!

The return of the playoffs, saw a net loss more ... YamamaY alas now it is out of the game ... but at least I was there! If you do not believe ...

Thanks to me for having forced / convinced my colleague, and thank you guys for the wonderful evening!

... The world in a room!

January 18, 2008 No comments

It is the meter, yes that's right, the subway. I'm talking about the Milan regarding my little life experience.

I go to work and get on the tram 24 in Via Ripamonti and I went to the subway, M3 the yellow line, as always, never face the same, always the people, or so it seems different.

Whites, blacks, Asians, South Americans ... all over the world in one compartment of a common means of transport in a "carriage" of a meter. And I smile, I smile often, and with headphones in my ears listening to my iPod and some songs, mostly nostalgic or mawkish, and start looking around at those around me.

All of race, rapid and hurried to return to their homes, such as pulse crowded to the door that opens like a race where the starting blocks trying to get there first. First thing to then I have not yet figured out, except in cases where the delay will affect my "take the train in time." But the thing that fascinates me about this site a few square meters where the crowd rushes, is calm.

Near bus stops, "strategic", people's true that it is "running", but when you travel, silence is king ... a silence broken only by the sound "physical" of the meter. But the song of the bottom of my iPod, which accompanies this silent spectacle is magnificent. See the faces of all, tired but relaxed, where they find their little moment of peace and tranquility because they can only wait, wait to get ... so calm down and it's like they were in a kind of peace.

I enjoy, so I enjoy watching them and I calm down, I smile and I feel happy for a moment, but especially rilassatissimo. It is the most beautiful part of my return trip the day after work. Do not worry then we think the train to take away the smile with its delays and so on ... but at least for a few minutes around the world in a room.

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The Antichrist ...

January 8th, 2007 No Comments

Excerpt from "The Antichrist - Curse of Christianity" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"What is good? Anything that elevates the sense of power, the will to power, power itself in man.

What is bad? Everything stems from weakness.

What is happiness? Feel that the power is growing, that resistance is overcome.

Not contentment, but more power; not peace over all, but war; not virtue, but vigor (virtue in the Renaissance style, free from hypocrisy moral virtue)

The weak and the botched shall perish: this is the principle of our love for men. And to this end, they must also be of help "

I think there is too much self-explanatory for this "piece" ... but if you read it with the correct interpretation is a wonderful piece.

Right now I feel weak, and I hope will come soon transition from death to rebirth in inner superman. I speak purely a mental shift.