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Running in freedom

July 16, 2008 4 comments

Armed with my trusty iPhone this time (instead of the iPod) I went out of my party to run a bit 'to get out and a bit' to maintain a minimum level of physical fitness.

A person dear to me once told me:
"Run and all the things will start to run ..."

Surely he is right, but running yesterday I had a feeling a bit 'different ... I run and still others are: back.
I lose some, others find it ... and I'm fine ...

I admire those who run around a plant or an oval doing endless laps boring, but I can not go through the fields, including the fields of my city in complete freedom, and run ...

... And run free!

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"Faith" in YamamaY ...

April 14, 2008 No comments

Finally ... after months of insistence against my colleague, I managed to convince him to take me with him to see a lot of her cousin who plays in women's volleyball in A1!

The team in question is YamamaY of Busto Arsizio.

Tumultuous journey by train deleted and "diversion" from our side of a bus with a driver rather bizarre but friendly and helpful (we will have probably made ​​money) to make us fall in the vicinity of this building seemingly unreachable (Palayamamay).

The match was really exciting despite the odds favored totally gave Despar Perugia, half the week before ages recovering from a major victory in the international (European champions). The final result was 3-2 to Perugia, but that effort!

Point by point ... all played in a few minutes a tie-break final 16-14 for the bad guys (I tifavo rightly YamamaY).

You have to admit, it was right at the bottom to be missed!
Let me explain: it is possible to remove the last point, the decisive one, number 4? Oh no ... he was going to win ... removed ... lost! We had "faith" in YamamaY, really great "Faith"!

It does not matter, it was a good game, a nice evening and a good reason to give the coup de grace to my voice and my throat that were, unfortunately for me, already at the limit!

The return of the playoffs, saw a defeat clearer now ... alas YamamaY is right out of the game ... but at least I was there! If you do not believe ...

Thanks to me for having forced / convinced my colleague, and thank you girls for the lovely evening!

The politometro

March 27, 2008 4 comments

Oh Jesus!

Pardon the expletive but I remained astonished by the outcome of the tests I've done, precisely the test of politometro.

A test that evaluates the political orientation of a subject through 15 multiple-choice questions.

You can test by simply clicking here (sponsored by

Here's what I came out:


Of course it must be remembered that the test is based on questions (or rather statements) strong (in my opinion) which is easily answered with excesses (categorical categorical yes or no), and therefore fails to assign an accurate assessment ... but it's a play fun.

That's why I could not vote

March 20, 2008 2 comments

How would Caesar Cesaroni ... "that bitterness!"

How can you think of not voting in elections to a political party, a preference card that, in theory, should govern for the next term and decide the fate of our country?

"Voting is a right, and first and foremost duty of every citizen of this nation"

That's what I always thought, and that until a few weeks ago I would have argued strenuously with the firm conviction of being right reasoning.

But now I'm lost, completely lost.

Not only did I identify myself in a politician vying for the top spot of the podium, which would already be a fact of success, but there is not a single person among the candidates or parties which do not try what some form of disgust / repulsion.

I've always been opposed to the extreme, then consider the idea of ​​assigning a preference to factions outside is out of my range. So we eliminate the extreme right, the group Storanchè (Storace-Santanchè), and the mixture multicolored called Rainbow I think.

The reasons:

Storanchè ... lack of expertise and professionalism, and I do not want to bring up descriptions of the characters.

Bertinotti and his party are anachronistic to me, still the 60s and with cost-effective solutions that promote an increase in the minimum wage of € 1,100 per month. Move somewhat idiotic because they result empirically in reduction of staff by businesses for being subject to a minimum threshold or, if this increase was supported by the State, would produce an increase in public spending by pushing up inflation and then make a record wage increase only nominal and not real (loss of purchasing power).

The Greens, the brake of economic development of a country. Where are they can not build anything even when the collective good exceeds their mania to save puppies, plants and stones. "Supporting good ideals is right, hang on to stupid is ideal fool"

The "big" center Casini picks up the pieces here and there and does not have a concrete program if not at the point in favor of nuclear energy. However establish an election on a point-to long-term (10 years at least) is less than utopian. Right idea, wrong time, the tools and the inability to involve other political forces on the big energy problem in this period.

PD, the Democratic Party, the party with tremendous momentum ... just against everything, a real significant trend, lost very soon including the good old Di Pietro and the Radicals. Again jumble? It makes no sense ... a party "denistra" (right-left) who still do not quite understand whether it wants to be positioned to the left or right. Well maybe this, so you do not live more than historical legacies related to the historical concept of the Right and Left in Italy.

Why not run alone keeping their program without no compromise with other parties? It would have been decided about the right ...

PDL, People Of Liberty. Nominate a man already premier candidate for the fifth time? A man who was defeated by the last election? But what's the point? Where the spirit of innovation that would have to ride the new offspring of politics?
I did not want to reiterate the various discourses anti-Berlusconi by many people who have linked to trinofare (a few votes) coalition (Olive) who willingly or unwillingly gave birth (or continuity depends on your point of view) to a phenomenon of constant and unrelenting distrust of the electorate in the political world.

What should I vote? How can I vote these people?
Regardless of what will be my choice, we will not have a strong power to govern, but again favors mediation between factions and factious.
Regardless of what will be my choice, I know that I will remain disappointed.

The vote is not wrong, but the vote each of these alternatives seem even more wrong.

I just feel lost.

Bitterness that ...!

USA Coming!

February 20, 2008 2 comments

In a few hours I'll take a plane direction of the United States, specifically Boston!

A short break of ten days in which I will visit in the first Boston and later New York (from February 26). Me and my cousin Laura, we have organized everything (well almost everything I organized myself), visits, time, and food to feed ... kind travel agency really!

26, as said arrival in New York, just in time for the event organized by Apple, in which you think will come out new products (I have the feeling will come out with new Macbook Pro trackpad with similar functionality to the iPhone) and I can enjoy them in total dellla preview at the Apple Store 5th Avenue! smileys

In fact I do not have much to say in this article, tended to be a warning to you that I navigate to spigarvi the reason of non-answers to your questions and e-mails that I sent almost daily ...

A hug to all and see you soon

USA coming soon!

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