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Bancopopolare and the certificate of Home Banking (Byweb) on Mac (Safari)

December 16, 2009 3 comments

The banks of the Gruppo Banco Popolare, Banca Popolare di Novara, at least, need to use the service Byweb, or the Home Banking, installing a certificate (p12 format).

No problem for users on Windows with Internet Explorer and / or Firefox nor for Linux and Mac users who wish to use Firefox (which includes the installation of the certificate directly into your browser) ... some more problems for Mac users who wish to use Safari.

No alarm, with the correct configuration in a few minutes you will bypass the problem by following the steps listed here:

  • Download the certificate to your desktop from in a folder to your liking
  • Completely close Safari (Command + Q)
  • Open the file with the application of the system Keychain (just double click of the mouse on the downloaded file and it will open automatically)
  • Enter the password for the certificate authentication (the same one that is used to download the same)
  • Select the certificate in Keychain and click on the top item in the Archive (here the image file), and then click the Preference submenu new identity ... (in English here New Identity Preference)
  • Enter the link (important to write correctly as shown here) and click Add
  • Open Safari and go to the

I leave you to the pictures to understand even better (and visually) the above procedure ...

Happy surfing to all!

Ps if you were still having problems, try to add even (including /) finale!

PPS: In case you fail again ... trust in Firefox which operates independently verified.
In this case just open the Firefox Preferences and go to Advanced and then the Encryption section, select View Certificates and then import the downloaded certificate.