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Terrible question ... what is it?

January 8, 2007 1 comment

So ... now it's a month (not continuous sense) that I have to walk these hot and furry slippers (no play on words) but have not been able to give a realistic interpretation of the animal they want to represent:


In your opinion what are they? There I provide a few choices ... tell me if I should add some other possibilities:

An amnesty is forever ...

December 12, 2006 1 comment

Fantastic imitation and parody Tremonti by Guzzanti!

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The three American heroes ...

December 11, 2006 No comments

The three American superheroes:

Superman, flying over the skyscrapers;
SPIDERMAN, climbing skyscrapers;
Musulman, through them!

It's just humor so avoid disputes of all kinds.

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MaiDireGol ... legendary video!

December 7, 2006 No comments

Every time I see him I can not help but laugh at the stupidity of Big Brother (Big Brother) Hungarian ...


November 19, 2006 No comments

What MALAG? I prefer to faithfully report the site :

Welcome to MALAG - Independent Movement for the Liberation of Souls Garden.
Help us to liberate the souls of the plaster dwarves imprisoned man!

The MALAG is a voluntary movement and non-profit organization whose goal is the liberation of the souls of garden gnomes, imprisoned in bodies of gypsum by men without mercy and enslaved in evergreen gardens.
Stuck in a casing of plaster, forced to smile, the cold, the snow and rain, subject to the jeers and the needs of various animals and often of little humans, away from your world, away from the forest ... how would you feel to their place?

I also want to subscribe to free those poor gnomes of large garden ... finance economically and intellectually this noble project! Who's with me? smileys

But I wonder how people can really believe in these things. I can understand believing in Santa Claus, but the "souls of garden gnomes imprisoned in bodies of plaster" ... well it seems a bit 'strange at least!

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