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FreePOPs 0.2.9

January 7, 2009 30 comments

Just before Christmas the team FreePOPs not stopped working and has "donated" a new version of FreePOPs come to 0.2.9 of the useful program that lets you download your mail to your email client (Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook) and -mail also services that do not allow you to use your POP3 server unless you use their internet.

Examples ecclatanti are Libero, Hotmail, Alice, Inwind, Virgilio and many other email services ... I think of dubious quality (especially junk mail that is not filtered properly), especially when compared with services like gMail or AOL .

This version has introduced significant improvements "under the hood" just looking in the direction of Leopard, our beloved system of Apple.

From here you can visit the official website of the project FreeePOPs .

From here , however, you can access the complete guide to the configuration of the post in the Mac environment with FreePOPs (and the use of FMU ).

FreePOPs Mac Updater

January 29, 2008 88 comments

Many already know FreePOPs, software that allows you to download mail from providers like Alice, Free, Tin, and others that do not allow you to use POP3 less connect with their ADSL line and email providers most famous as Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, which does not allow its Free to download via POP3 less than a paid subscription (read this article if you are interested in understanding how to set up Mail with FreePOPs).

FreePOPs can "bypass" the problem, but sometimes it happens that no longer work and receiving mail, because of the changes were made ​​... and then you need to update the famous .lua! It is a manual process very simply to tell the truth, but many users find themselves in trouble about where to find these files and where to place them correctly.

FMU Hence FreePOPs Mac Updater, a simple application that automates the entire process of downloading and updating of all plugins (.lua)!

The operation is basic: double click on the icon and FMU will do the rest completely automatically!

Now all users of the world of the apple (Mac-User) will not have any problem to update the "famous" .lua.

FMU.dmg FreePOPs Mac Updater (FMU) - 919 KB
FMUA.dmg FreePOPs Mac Updater Advanced (fmua) - 773 KB
(Version for proxy)

Software features:
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: 1.0.3h
  • Author: Max Hen
  • Mac OSX 10.4.x or higher
  • active internet connection
  • less than 1 minute of time



You can download here a demonstration video (High Quality) for setting up an account (in this example Hotmail) in 4 minutes with FMU.

Quarterly updates:

v.1.0.3e (2008-06-27) - Place a few pointers unclear text (alerts)

v.1.0.3c (2008-06-25) - Improved update system and implemented a version with proxy ( fmua )

v.1.0.3b (2008-06-21) - Fixed bug in multilingual localization (Italian-English)

v.1.0.3 (2008-06-21) - Added translation in English and Italian

v.1.0.2 (2008-06-15) - Correction of errors (bug fixes) in code and version detection FMU

v.1.0.1 (2008-06-11) - Improved the automatic update system FMU and place a check on the presence of FreePOPs on the computer

v.0.2 (2008-04-04) - Added an automatic update system FMU and rewritten the code to speed up the process

v.0.1 (2008-01-29) - First release of FMU in working version (trial)