June 26, 2009

This blog is not a journal as it is updated without any periodicity. It can not therefore be regarded as an editorial product under the law n. 62 of 07.03.2001


All the material produced by myself and content in this blog is available under Creative Commons . Therefore the text and images contained in this blog, except where expressly forbidden, are ripubblicabili and redistributable citing the source. If you have questions you can contact me on the subject.

The blogging platform is used WordPress in the 'latest stable version, with a custom theme and several plugins.

I reserve the right to remove without notice and at my discretion comments that are unlawful, defamatory and / or libelous, vulgar, invasive of another's privacy, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; that contain promotions related to political parties, political movements, religions or sects, movements and terrorist or extremist content inspired by bigotry, racism, hatred or profanity; likely to cause damage in any way, to minors; provide information that is privileged, confidential also learned under an employment relationship or a confidentiality agreement; that contain personal information or phone numbers and its third party; that might be harmful patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other industrial property rights and / or intellectual property of third parties; who are content with advertising and, more generally, that use the messages for commercial purposes (promotion, sponsorship and sale of products and services); that communicate using coded messages; that use foul language or profanity. The content of each blog comments represent the views of the author. Comments that bear a clearly fictitious e-mail address will be removed. In addition, I intend to be collected and stored identification data, date, time, and IP address of the computer from which are published comments in order to deliver them upon request to the competent authorities.

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