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Outside the company

Outside the company.
The media, the stereotype, the municipality.

The speeches are not the basis of society. Communication is annihilated, culture is synonymous with boredom, knowledge is synonymous with pathetic. Screams tribal replace dialogue. Venting unnecessary deprivation of concepts reigns during a cincin champagne.

Sitting at a table, where the music now without any human conversation at a volume. Surrounded by a group hungry bitch pointing over her, and a trans in his company that proves to know more people than we might expect. The politically correct and the rich kid who greet the trans confidently. The assault of a disordered bunch of kids and big boys are all the same, stereotypes of television celebrities who pose as the city average.

And in the middle of the vortex with the same speed with which you drop a glass inciting the bouncer, they hold out a glass of champagne screaming "the crisis is over."
Needless to explain the concepts of spread BTP / Bund, the political credibility of a country's defeat, the volatility of stocks, and the risk of failure of a state in which you live.
Needless to approach any sensible speech, ignorance and superficiality must reign at all costs. This is what allows the fun.

I'm afraid the company and by this or I isolate myself or I do disguises to integrate.

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