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Facebook disabled

Yeah ... I am turned off by Facebook.

After careful consideration I realized the addictiveness of Facebook, although I was not one of those really very active on social networks ... I often found myself looking at the "bulletin board" of "faccialibro" several times a day, as a kind of tic .

Read the nonsense written by anyone or philosophical-like reflections produced by copy & paste from other sites were something too sad.

I decided to go back to basics, of the pre-growth of Facebook, where my things / ideas were written here, giving explanations, potendomi express without being subject to a limit of words and not be "controlled".
Although this site for all to see, certainly remains more niche, and only those who are truly interested in reading me, it will.

I'm also thinking about how to restructure the site, you address him ... if you turn it into a personal blog or divide it into two or more themes. You will also see the time available.

For now, farewell Facebook

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