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iPhone: "jailbreak or not to jailbreak?"

Here is the question that haunts many people struggling with the infamous iPhone, to unlock (jailbreak) or not?
What are actually the advantages and disadvantages of this choice?

I will not dwell here in explaining what is ascertained in the operation of jailbreak, but I intend to list only briefly, from my point of view, the advantages and disadvantages of that choice.


  • Add Cydia (alternative to the App store)
  • Access via SSH to the device (use the iPhone as a hard disk into which to load files via ssh fact)
  • SBSettings (via Cydia) that sets up quick menu for frequently used functions (on / off services like WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, etc ...)
  • Ability to synchronize applications (IPA) downloaded from the Internet via iTunes (the operation is legal, then it remains everyone the choice to operate more or less legally with your device)
  • Unblocking a bluetooth for data transfer via the upcoming release of iBlueNove (ex iBluetooth) of MeDevil
  • Insert a firewall (blacklist) for the management of calls / sms / mms incoming
  • Add useful features to native applications like SMS Helper (displays a character counter input when writing a text message)
  • Change the 'APN of your phone provider to not run into unwanted charges on its rechargeable


  • For 3Gs with new iBoot, unbootable iPhone without having to go back to a jailbreak using blackra1n
  • Reduction of the performance of the battery (not high if you use wisely the additional services such as SSH etc ...)
  • I do not think so much more ...

You would add something else to the list?

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  1. tosca11
    January 20, 2010 at 19:31 | # 1

    I believe they are more advantages than disadvantages, perhaps by installing too many cidya app from the phone slows down a bit, I can think winterboard and customization of the issues that is still something optional, but when you have it you do! the speech is related to 3g who actually little memory and app running in the background slows bad ...... .but you still have the max 2g?

  2. January 20, 2010 at 19:33 | # 2

    Tosca, speak almost as one who knows what he says ... ohibhó amaze me!
    I am from this Christmas a happy owner of 3Gs that actually proves to be ahead in terms of speed and memory (RAM) available ... no problem with any application:-)
    The 2G went to my mother ... in good hands! smileys

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