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VMWare Fusion 3.0 and the "file association" counter-intuitive ...

VMware has finally released the long-awaited new version of Fusion , came to 3.0, adding many new features that finally make it one of the best virtualization software in Mac.

One of the biggest gaps I've always complained in Fusion was a lack in the ability to open files with a virtualized Windows application directly from Finderl (Ex: open an XLS file directly from the Finder and make sure it opened with Microsoft Excel 2007 virtualized ). This is actually a file association or associate extensions with a program of your choice.

Despite the efforts of VMWare, you still can not do this by default with Fusion, but with a few tips you can not work around the problem.

  1. Move to the Finder on the folder where your virtual machine (Windows for instance);
  2. Right-click on the virtual machine (VM) and select "Show Package Contents" (Show Package Contents);
  3. At this point, a new window opens in the work folder "Applications" in which there are installed applications in a Windows environment;
  4. Open another Finder and navigate to the / Applications folder of your Mac and create a new folder called (for example) "Windows Applications";
  5. Copy us in the applications (the Applications folder in the VM that you want to be indexed by Spotlight as native applications on the Mac;
  6. Select a file with the extension you want to associate an application to Windows right click and choose "Get Info"
  7. Select the "Open With" and then "Other" (Open With - Other)
  8. At this point, choose the application you want to associate the file extension. It can be found easily in the Windows Applications that previously was created in step 4!
  9. Give OK and click "Change All" ("Change All" smileys . From now on it will open Fusion and its application when you open a file with that extension.

Now some screenshots to better follow the instructions:

Have fun and good virtualization at all!

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