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The cunning and hypocrisy in Italy

Date: October 4, 2008
Location: Torino - Stadio Delle Alpi
Event: Concert by Vasco Rossi
Ticket price: 43 € (lawn)

We arrived at the stadium, all loads in this "away" that sees us as spectators of an event which many want to participate ... too many, but perhaps it is not even entirely true ...
We had an extra ticket, "advanced" for an accident unfortunately at the last minute to a member of this trip planned ... but not everything can be programmed.

We wander outside the stadium trying to "place" the ticket, but we note that there are many in our situation, with redundancies tickets ... in the end we opt to swap it with a shirt and a bandana Vasco (dubious decision).

After the ordeal of the "extra ticket" we go to the entrance of the area where our tickets corresponded to put more or less diligently in the queue.
When walking we have noticed the impossible assaults real fences of the stadium, skilled jumpers, climbers and improvised barbed-wire-dodging, all under the watchful eye of the police and casual, police ... police in fact.
Not a word, nor by agents inside the stadium or those just out of the fact that aimed almost fun.

What about us? in the queue ... forty minutes of queue (having more friends already in the queue during our mission referred to above). It seemed as if WE were the outlaws ... amazing.

And once inside you care about two plastic caps ... unbelievable, that hypocrisy!
Obviously, the control is the same as would make a blind 1km away and the ears plugged. A shame really.

Finally we come ... I turn and see the guys who fight with a security guard (will be weighed 45 pounds wet ed).
I hear: "You're a bastard, does not cost you a dick."
At first sight I think, "Here they are .. the usual ignorant deliquentelli making the tough".

But I am curious, I have nothing to do, and I look a minute. What do you know?
The boys after entering diligently doing his own tail, had arrived from quest'addetto cortesamente asking him if he could open the emergency door to pass their friend (across the barrier of plexiglass) disabled, wheelchair, supported in the arms of his two friends.
The 'upright officer ... the strict security of the stadium be steady!
You can not enter, it must be the line like everyone else, in the middle of the crowd, suffering more or less voluntary definitely pushed people around her, and that right is already at 8 (more or less) drunk!

I wish they cue (the employee) will have to have the opportunity to read and steal all my contempt for his failure to interpret situations and his ability to be a frustrated idiot who thinks he has the power to something and finally realizes that it did not even power on their ability to reason.

Apart from these little concert went well, no mess and the "usual" big Vasco!

Just never change ... we Italians smart, hypocrites and ignorant (from Latin if someone does not know the etymology of the word).

Greetings critical at all!

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  1. Matteo
    October 8th, 2008 at 19:08 | # 1

    Well when I went to her concert in Milan of trouble like never seen before. Of course if all arrive at the last minute to get in (as always Italian). In Udine, there has never been trouble. Perhaps it would be to report this to the proper authorities and not always be silent and pretend that Italy must always be so. Oh well ..

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