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FreePOPs 0.2.9 and Mac Mail (edit: 14-10-2009)

This guide will be updated from time to time in time, whenever the necessary plugins (format .lua) will need to be amended and updated. I will personally update all the necessary materials.

(To view the log of the updates in the bottom of the article )

This guide shows you how to create a user on the mail to get mail from Hotmail (purely demonstrative), however, this guide also works with services such as Free, Virgil, Tin, Alice, Live, MSN, Yahoo and many more (click here to know all the services supported mail).
Just replace @ hotmail.com with the extension service of your account: @ hotmail.it example, @ libero.it, @ virgilio.it, @ alice.it, etc ...).

Installing and updating FreePOPs

  • 1 Download and install updated FreePOPs ;
  • 2 Start FreePOPs and add it later in the startup process of our user how to show images, so you do not have to click all the time "by hand" (just select from the menu of the System Preferences under Account, and then add the program FreePOPs between applications from start);
  • 3. Download FreePOPs Mac Updater , copy it to the Applications folder and then run it (so it will automatically update all the files necessary);

Configuring your email client (Mail on OSX)
You enter in the "Preferences" Mail and follow the successive images here:

[Click to enlarge]

Create an account with Mail, and enter the necessary information as photos, replacing "tuonome@hotmail.com" with your Hotmail address (or that of your mail service)!

[Click to enlarge]

Set "" as the incoming mail server, your account name including extension @ hotmail.com (or whatever you have, eg. @ Hotmail.it, in short, the full email address) and password and click continues without worrying about the error that will be reported!

[Click to enlarge]

Set the parameters of your provider (the service that you use to connect to the Internet precisely, eg, Alice, Infostrada, Fastweb or otherwise) about the outgoing mail server.
Note the parameter changes from the provider with which you are connecting; therefore refer to the instructions found on the website of your provider! You can find here an exhaustive list of the most common SMTP mail services.
REMEMBER: FreePOPs handles mail in INPUT and OUTPUT NOT in.

[Click to enlarge]

Entering the Mail Preferences, under Accounts, and once you select the account you just created, edit, as in the picture, the incoming port from 110 (default) to 2000!

Then save the account to close and reopen Mail and download your mail!

You can see here the screens of my personal configuration ... as explained so far ...

For those who were a bit '... let's say "skeptic" here you can see a demonstration video of the entire procedure:

To download high-definition video click HERE (18,91 Mb)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - FAQs

  • I installed and configured Mail FreePOPs as the guide says, but I can not receive mail. Because?
    You have updated the .lua FreePOPs? To do this you just download FreePOPs Mac Updater and run it, it's all automatic updating.

  • I have configured and installed Mail FreePOPs but I get the following error: "The connection to the server on port 110 timed out." What to do?
    Attention, port 110? Check well the guide says to set in the menu "Advanced" account created with Mail port 2000 for incoming server. Please correct it and try again to receive e-mail!

  • I followed the step by step procedure, but nevertheless I get the following error: "server error occurred was: The connection to the server on port 2000 has expired." What should I do?
    First, double-check once again the parameters entered by comparing them with this guide, after checking through Activity Monitor (found using Spotlight) if it appears between "all processes", one called "freepopsd." In this case there is no means FreePOPs is not running, so run it from the Applications folder by double-clicking the program icon!

  • FreePOPs is active, .lua are updated, and the configuration is correct, and yet still I get the error "Connection to the server on port 2000 has expired." What could it be?
    It happened sometimes to observe the correct configuration with FreePOPs active ... but despite this not download e-mail. The solution was to change the DNS of the connection. Open System Preferences, then click Network and then select your connection indicated by the green dot, click Advanced and then the DNS tab to add (the + button) and also See the image below as an example ...


Update History article:

January 9, 2009 - Microsoft has finally opened its POP and SMTP server at all. Check out this article to learn the parameters for proper configuration of Hotmail on Mac without using FreePOPs.

January 5, 2009 - Released FreePOPs 0.2.9

December 23, 2008 Released update Hotmail (0.2.20081219)

November 15, 2008 Released update Hotmail (0.2.20081114)

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