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Word and its limits

So is a great software for ease of use and intuitive, the software is limited when the need increases ...

The other day I was in the library studying "happily" when she got a friend of mine with his laptop and his thesis in .doc format with lots of images that made ​​the document of 148 pages weighs about 550MB. The university claimed that the student would provide a hard copy and an electronic copy of CdRom to be delivered in the secretariat of the institute. The thesis file CdRom had to be in one of the following formats:

  • RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • PDF (Portable Document Format)

Armed with good patience we have tried first converting to RTF, maddening as conversion times, and painful as a result: the file would not open hardly ever, when everything was opened with a random formatting, purely coincidental!

So we have decided to resort to PDF.

We open this mammoth 550MB file in Word, and not when the application crashes, loses formatting, numbers footer lose count, image captions moving unnecessarily left and right ... a nightmare.

I decide to take the version of the thesis "decomposed", or individual file.doc that create the whole thesis ...

- Inizio.doc
- Introduzione.doc
- The Capitolo.doc
- ...

I open them one by one on my Mac because reliable and at least we can work with a computer that does not crash every 13-15 minutes. File after file re-check and re-settle errors and formatting dates in the case, including wrong numbers and notes without logic (because Word)!

And every file.doc modified gave a nice APPLE + P and I created the equivalent file.pdf. The biggest problem has been in Chapter IV in which There were about 80 pictures (with high resolution) and the problems have required about 40 minutes of corrections given the slowness of the Word show things, and strict stupidity in not understanding what / as correct.

But after a troubled birth of two hours I have generated all the pdf file of the case! Now do was to unite all those blessed .pdf and thanks to Automator and my "little program" that had created wisely long ago there was no problem: one click to launch the application and select the file, three minutes to join all files and the perfect result.

Perfect as a pdf file about 120MB which can not be faulted on any computer that does its job and does not have a slightest smear formatting!
Put it all on CdRom with a click and my friend was all satisfied and smiling and the next day you are presented with the CdRom voicemail.

What have I learned? Never use Word to make processed longer than 5-10 pages. Especially a thesis ... used strictly Latex .

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