Outside the company

November 5, 2011 No comments

Outside the company.
The average, the stereotype, the municipality.

The speeches are not the foundation of society. Communication is annihilated, the culture is synonymous with boredom, knowledge is synonymous pathetic. Whoops tribal replace dialogs. The vent unnecessary deprivation of concepts reigns during a cheerio champagne.

Sitting at a table, where the music now without any human conversation to a volume. Surrounded by a group hungry bitch pointing over her, and a cross in his company that proves to know more people than we might expect. The respectable and rich kid who greet the trans with confidence. The assault of a messy bunch of kids and boys all the same stereotypes of television programs that pretend to be stars of the average citizen.

And in the middle of the vortex with the same speed at which you drop a glass stirring up the bouncer, you hold out a glass of champagne screaming "the crisis is over."
Needless to explain the concepts of spread BTP / Bund, the political credibility of a country's defeat, the volatility of stocks, and the risk of failure of a state in which you live.
Needless to approach any meaningful discourse, ignorance and superficiality shall reign at all costs. This is what makes the fun.

I'm scared of the Company and such and I isolate myself or I do disguises to integrate.

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Facebook disabled

July 8, 2011 No comments

Yeah ... I am turned off by Facebook.

Upon reflection I realized the addictiveness of Facebook, even though I was one of those really very active on the social network ... I often find myself looking at the "board" of the "faccialibro" several times a day, as a kind of tic .

Read the nonsense written by anyone or the like and philosophical reflections produced by copy & paste from other sites were too sad a thing.

I decided to go back to the origins of the pre-growth of Facebook, where my things / ideas were written here, giving explanations, potendomi express without being subject to a word limit and not be "controlled".
Although this site for all to see, certainly remains more niche, and only those who are really interested in reading me, it will.

I'm also thinking about how to renovate the site, which address him ... if you turn it into a personal blog or divide it into two or more themes. You will also see the time available.

For now, goodbye Facebook

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Upgrade WordPress ... and blank page? because of MyGallery plugin!

February 27, 2010 No comments

It happened with the update (upgrade) version 2.9.1 and now with 2.9.2. After the upgrade there was found with the site is not fully functional, even the administrative part.

The problem then is it due?

First lazy not to make the aggiornamneto according to the directions given by WordPress.org inviting you to turn off all themes and plugins configured on your site.

Specifically, however, this problem is given by the activation of the plugin that MyGallery not find two files generates this dreadful problem. The files indicted are:

In fact, reading the code of the plugin can be observed:

Wordpress Upgrade

So you do not need is included in the folder wp-includes the site in question and the two files streams.php gettext.php and everything will magically work!

Greetings to all!

How to start iTunes when you start with a random song?

January 20, 2010 No comments

I write this article in response to a question read on a forum, in the hope that it will help someone in addition to the individual concerned (Stephen, aka "Pisubijoux").

There are several ways to do this, I suggest using a small script (to be created with AppleScript Editor) to be launched at the start of the user's login.

We arrive at practical ...

1) Open the AppleScript editor and enter the following code (commented to help you understand ... oh, the comments are inserted with "--" ):

-- Open iTunes
tell application "iTunes"

- Show window of iTunes running (remove "-")
- Activate

- September shuffle mode to the playlist "Music" (Change it if you want)
September shuffle of user playlist "Music" to true
- Remove shuffle mode to the playlist "Music" (Change it if you want)
- Set shuffle of user playlist "Music" to false

- Play music!

end tell

2) Click on Insert and then save it as an Application.

3) Open System Preferences -> Accounts -> Startup Items -> enter the application you just saved!

For the lazy, you can download the file directly from here:

... Only then proceed to step 3!

iPhone 'jailbreak or not to jailbreak? "

January 19, 2010 2 comments

That's the question that haunts many people struggling with the infamous iPhone to unlock (jailbreak) or not?
What are actually the advantages and disadvantages of this?

I will not dwell here on what is ascertained in explaining the operation of the jailbreak, but I want to list only briefly, from my point of view, the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.


  • Add Cydia (an alternative to the App Store)
  • Access via SSH to the device (use the iPhone as a hard drive in which to upload files via ssh of course)
  • SBSettings (Cydia) that sets up quick menu for frequently used functions (on / off services such as wifi, bluetooth, 3G, etc ...)
  • Ability to synchronize applications (IPA) downloaded from the Internet through iTunes (this is legal, so is everyone the choice to operate more or less legally with your device)
  • Unblocking a bluetooth for data transfer via the upcoming release of iBlueNove (ex iBluetooth) of MeDevil
  • Insert a firewall (blacklist) for the management of calls / SMS / MMS Input
  • Add useful features to native applications such as SMS Helper (displays a counter of characters entered in the process of writing an SMS)
  • Change the 'APN of your phone provider to not run into unwanted charges on your battery


  • For 3GS with new iBoot, unable to restart the iPhone without having to jailbreak again using blackra1n
  • Reduced battery performance (not high if you use wisely the additional services such as SSH, etc ...)
  • I can not think of much more ...

You would add something else to the list?