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How to launch iTunes at startup with a random song?

January 20, 2010 No comments

I write this article in response to a question read on a forum, in the hope that it will help someone in addition to the direct question (Stefano, alias "Pisubijoux").

There are several methods to do this, I suggest using a small script (to be created with AppleScript Editor) to launch the start of the login user.

We arrive at practical ...

1) Open the AppleScript editor and enter the following code (commented to help you understand ... ah, comments are inserted with "--" ):

-- Open iTunes
tell application "iTunes"

- Show window of iTunes running (remove "-")
- Activate

- Sep shuffle mode to the playlist "Music" (Change it if you want)
September shuffle of user playlist "Music" to true
- Remove shuffle mode to the playlist "Music" (Change it if you want)
- Set shuffle of user playlist "Music" to false

- Play music!

end tell

2) Click on Insert and then save it as an Application.

3) Open System Preferences -> Accounts -> Startup Items -> enter the application you just saved!

For the lazy, you can download the file directly from here:

Then ... only proceed to step 3!

iPhone "jailbreak or not to jailbreak?"

January 19, 2010 2 comments

That's the question that haunts many users struggling with the infamous iPhone, to unlock (jailbreak) or not?
What are actually the advantages and disadvantages of this choice?

I do not want to dwell here in explaining what consti operation jailbreak, but I want to list only briefly, from my point of view, the advantages and disadvantages of such a choice.


  • Add Cydia (an alternative to the App store)
  • Access to the device via SSH (use the iPhone as a hard disk into which to load files via ssh fact)
  • SBSettings (Cydia) that sets up quick menu for frequently used functions (on / off services such as wifi, bluetooth, 3G, etc ...)
  • Ability to synchronize applications (IPA) downloaded from the internet via iTunes (this is legal, then everyone is choosing to operate more or less legally with your device)
  • Clear the blockage of the data transfer via bluetooth to the upcoming release of iBlueNove (ex iBluetooth) of MeDevil
  • Insert a firewall (blacklist) for the management of calls / sms / mms incoming
  • Add useful features to native applications such as SMS Helper (displays a counter of characters entered in the process of writing a SMS)
  • Change the 'APN of your phone provider not to run in unwanted charges on its rechargeable


  • For 3Gs with new iBoot, inability to restart the iPhone without having to jailbreak again using blackra1n
  • Reduction in battery performance (not high if you use wisely the additional services such as SSH, etc ...)
  • I can not think of much more ...

You would add something else to the list?

Bancopopolare and the certificate of Home Banking (Byweb) on Mac (Safari)

December 16, 2009 3 comments

The banks of the Gruppo Banco Popolare, Banca Popolare di Novara, at least, need to use the service Byweb, or the Home Banking, installing a certificate (p12 format).

No problem for users on Windows with Internet Explorer and / or Firefox nor for Linux and Mac users who wish to use Firefox (which includes the installation of the certificate directly into your browser) ... some more problems for Mac users who wish to use Safari.

No alarm, with the correct configuration in a few minutes you will bypass the problem by following the steps listed here:

  • Download the certificate to your desktop from in a folder to your liking
  • Completely close Safari (Command + Q)
  • Open the file with the application of the system Keychain (just double click of the mouse on the downloaded file and it will open automatically)
  • Enter the password for the certificate authentication (the same one that is used to download the same)
  • Select the certificate in Keychain and click on the top item in the Archive (here the image file), and then click the Preference submenu new identity ... (in English here New Identity Preference)
  • Enter the link (important to write correctly as shown here) and click Add
  • Open Safari and go to the

I leave you to the pictures to understand even better (and visually) the above procedure ...

Happy surfing to all!

Ps if you were still having problems, try to add even (including /) finale!

PPS: In case you fail again ... trust in Firefox which operates independently verified.
In this case just open the Firefox Preferences and go to Advanced and then the Encryption section, select View Certificates and then import the downloaded certificate.

VMWare Fusion 3.0 and the "file association" unintuitive ...

October 29, 2009 No comments

VMWare has finally released the long-awaited new version of Fusion , came to 3.0, adding many new features that finally make it one of the best virtualization software in Mac.

One of the biggest gaps I've always complained in Fusion was a lack in the ability to open files with a virtualized Windows application directly from Finderl (Ex: open an XLS file directly from the Finder and make sure that it opened with Microsoft Excel 2007 virtualized ). This is actually a file association, or associate extensions with a program of your choice.

Despite the efforts of VMWare, you still can not do this by default with Fusion, but with some little ingenuity you can not work around the problem.

  1. Position the Finder on the folder where your Virtual Machine (Windows for instance);
  2. Click with the right mouse button on VM (Virtual Machine) and select "Show package contents" (Show Package Contents);
  3. At this point you open a new window is located inside the folder "Applications" in which there are installed applications in a Windows environment;
  4. Open another Finder and navigate to the / Applications folder of Mac and create a new folder called (for example) "Windows Applications";
  5. Copy us inside the application (from the Applications folder in the VM that you want to be indexed by Spotlight as native applications in Mac;
  6. Select a file with the extension you want to associate an application to Windows right click and choose "Get Info"
  7. Select the "Open With" and then "Other" (Open With - Other)
  8. At this point, choose the application you want to associate the file extension. You can find it easily in Windows Applications folder that you created previously in step 4!
  9. Give OK and click "Change All" ("Change All" smileys . From now on it will open Fusion and its application when you open a file with that extension.

Now some screenshots to better follow the directions:

Have fun and good virtualization at all!

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Google OTA (Over The Air): Mail, Contacts and Calendar! Hybrid solution ...

July 2, 2009 4 comments

After a while 'son of attempts finally managed to acquire a satisfactory solution that emulates the Mobile Me service from Apple.

Tools and services required:

From the Gmail webmail set the option to forward a copy to a Yahoo! account (previously created) to take advantage of push notifications for Yahoo email on the iPhone!


On the iPhone, therefore, set up your account to Gmail and Yahoo! to be notified of mail in real time.

Calendar and Contacts
Register on nuevasync and follow the correct instructions to configure the iPhone.


At this point you just have to say Addressbook and iCal to sync with their Google services: Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar.

For iCal can rely on the ease of use of Calaboration made ​​available by Google.


For Addressbook instead we have to rely to a little trickery. Enable AddressBook (Address Book) Mac to sync with the Gmail address book by its preferences:


Install Lingon and start it and enter a new agent (by clicking the + button) called such that will run the following command:

/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/GoogleContactSync.framework/Versions/A/Resources/gconsync --sync

every 5 minutes (or to your liking, you can specify the time interval for synchronization between Google Contacts and Addressbook).


Also as you can see from the image I added the option "Run if this file is modified" as the path by entering:

~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/AddressBook-v22.abcddb (check the name of the file on your computer)

Now Mac, iPhone and Google are perfectly aligned and synchronized automatically in perfect style OTA (Over The Air)! :-)

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