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I'll be back after the "break" ...

June 4, 2007 No comments

It is now already a bit 'of days that I do not write anything on the blog, precisely since I was without internet (May 26, 2007) I published only two articles related to misunderstandings with Telecom, but no news on the software or cues and / or reflections personal.

The reason for this "long" silence?

Staying with more time available due to the lack of internet, I fixed the shelves of the living room and I scrutinized the titles of the books that were placed upon ... yellow, adventure, fiction, and so much more ... but my eye fell on a cover in truth unattractive: a book by Colleen McCullough called "Caesar".

A masterpiece of 555 pages. Narrative on the Roman world during the first triumvirate, the Gallic War, the rise of the triumphs and power, the Dignitas Caesar. The rebellion, the crossing of the Rubicon and the civil war with Pompey and related hostile Roman hero. But also detailed descriptions of the battles, the tricks and strategies in large and small victories of one of the greatest and most memorable condottierei of all time.

As he told The New York Times:

The McCullough is beautiful .... his characters throb life!

I learned more about the Roman world (my passion since childhood) only in this book than in all the years in school. You become aware not only of history, but also, and above all, the daily reality of life in Rome and its provinces, the uses and customs.

Ahhhh how much I loved the glorious Rome! smileys

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