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Milan-Inter derby

May 5, 2008 2 comments

Many know of my faith Inter and many others will know the outcome, alas not too favorable (for me at least), the last Milan derby Milan - Inter ended with the victory by 2 to 1 for the Rossoneri.

I was at the stadium and I must say it was a 'beautiful emotion, regardless of the outcome ...

The thing that I liked best were the choreography are the two fans that I can not do anything but put at the disposal of all ... very scenic and very funny! Very beautiful teasing on one side and the other ... that's the beauty of football!

On the other hand have not failed to reveal their dementia (not senile unfortunately) "my" fans, those Nerazzurri, during and after the game have flooded the first link (AC Milan) of litter and especially of objects of all sorts. Fortunately inconvenienced or other ... only a few insults and so much sorrow to see so much stupidity concentrated in such a small space!

To tell the truth of lunatics I had also left ... but more moderate, their was only one cheering idiots that I was stressed out and stunned for most of the match (I do not speak to Inter, AC Milan because my friend, who sat at my side, he could strangle would have done).

Well in short, a good game, shame about the result ... but none definitely worth it!

Forza Inter!

Ps: we hope to win this championship next Sunday at home against Siena ...

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"Faith" in YamamaY ...

April 14, 2008 No comments

Finally ... after months of insistence against my colleague, I managed to convince him to take me with him to see a lot of her cousin who plays in women's volleyball in A1!

The team in question is YamamaY of Busto Arsizio.

Tumultuous journey by train deleted and "diversion" from our side of a bus with a driver rather bizarre but friendly and helpful (we will have probably made ​​money) to make us fall in the vicinity of this building seemingly unreachable (Palayamamay).

The match was really exciting despite the odds favored totally gave Despar Perugia, half the week before ages recovering from a major victory in the international (European champions). The final result was 3-2 to Perugia, but that effort!

Point by point ... all played in a few minutes a tie-break final 16-14 for the bad guys (I tifavo rightly YamamaY).

You have to admit, it was right at the bottom to be missed!
Let me explain: it is possible to remove the last point, the decisive one, number 4? Oh no ... he was going to win ... removed ... lost! We had "faith" in YamamaY, really great "Faith"!

It does not matter, it was a good game, a nice evening and a good reason to give the coup de grace to my voice and my throat that were, unfortunately for me, already at the limit!

The return of the playoffs, saw a defeat clearer now ... alas YamamaY is right out of the game ... but at least I was there! If you do not believe ...

Thanks to me for having forced / convinced my colleague, and thank you girls for the lovely evening!

Letter to the fans ...

February 17, 2008 No comments

Saturday, February 16, 2008, thanks to my friend Fanto, I went to see a match at the San Siro of little importance among my favorite team, Inter and Livorno.
A game decidedly unattractive, but that ended with the victory of Inter ... a game duration in reality only 18 minutes to the second advantage of Inter. After that, only possession and lack of performance.

But the show gave the fans ... the ones next to me. I was sitting in the grandstand, the "red". I went only once in my life at the San Siro, in the year in which he began the Dutch duo Jonk Inter-Bergkamp of non-wonders. Is it possible that the fans did not manage to have a modicum of objectivity about what is happening in the field? It is possible that people have all this anger inside him ready to explode like a bomb?
Mechanics, engineers, teachers, builders ... no class differences in the economic, social, professional, from which derives the fan in the stadium ... all are transformed into angry men who just want to scream profanities, insults to a figure identified nell'arbitro or in a player opponent. Why is this?
What happens in Italy in the early stages?

The steward ... figure that should ensure some sort of security in stadiums ... my guys are pathetic. Not so much the people, poor people that has nothing to do, but the figure who must impersonate. You can see the yellow jumpsuits, which distinguish them in the stadium, in all sectors, except in the corners of the fans. As if the problem was in the stands central, and not in the corners.

Son of Inter, but I must admit that enter the stadium restless. It seems to get into a cage, where there are more criminals and thugs that good people. Where ignorance football is king, and where everyone just wants to look for an excuse to scream and, if possible, fight. The speaker announces to the entire second half, which for security measures, the opposing fans, at the end of the race, would have to remain within its sector, waiting for the "stock" of the police. A game without emotion and without reasons, even trivial, friction ... but is it possible?

What are you fans? We aggregate like animals in the herd, one by one ... because you're just small, useless, miserable and frightened. Football was a sport, once beautiful, now between you and those who make a business a mere sport, football has lost, and lost its charm. Television broadcasts instead are nothing more than piling on (you fans).

Then one of you dies ... and rise ye with a revolution unfounded, groundless. Bring back the spirit of football and leave the hate at home. It's a good game, not turn it into battle. Do you want war ... there are already many in the world ... if you are so brave go where there is need, then you are too afraid or because there really something you risk?

Let the football as it was played ... not spoken, not ruined, but loved.

Fans that ... morons.

Fed Cup: Italy pride (still over France)

July 15, 2007 1 comment


"But what I enjoy !!!"

This is probably the phrase that best expresses my mood whenever, in a sporting event, Italy beats our "cousins" (which are anything but cousins ​​because they are made ​​by most of the non-French).

Editor's note: anyone who knows me knows that I have a certain aversion to the French, motivated by personal experiences.

It happened about half an hour ago, a score of 2-1 for France (tennis team)
At first, Schiavone was able to beat (no one knows how) the Golovin with a test of a true gladiator, and later, to put an end to the semi-final between Italy and France, was played twice.

Final score: 4-6; 6-1; 6-2 in favor of our countrymen who have taught an exemplary lesson in terms of Granta and motivations!

Honestly, I do not follow almost never the courts (with the exception of Federer and Nadal who are indulged pure), but when it comes to Italy and France, would look even lippa underwater!

What can I say ... Forza Italy, always!

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European champions Milan

May 24, 2007 2 comments

A few words ... especially from an Inter player.

I can not compliment the devils red-blacks who, it must be admitted, deserved to lift this cup tonight! In part, I am also happy for a few reasons:

  • I enjoy hearing Platini admit that Italian football in the end is better than the English;
  • I enjoy to see the English lose they do just the opposite of Europeans (see left-hand drive or not adopting the single currency etc ...);
  • I laugh to see Inzaghi steal the trophy from the hands of Maldini and do not let go anymore.

A party does not love those who belittle our beautiful vintage (championship record), I repeat, do a round of applause to the old men who have managed to win once again, the competition more difficult.

Ps this article is intended above all to my mother (who is milanista alas), to my friends who DO NOT make me weigh them this victory, and all the Milan fans who were able and will be sporting in the past and in the future in respect of my team, when there had been and there will be an opportunity to be so!

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