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VMWare Fusion 3.0 and the "file association" unintuitive ...

October 29, 2009 No comments

VMWare has finally released the long-awaited new version of Fusion , came to 3.0, bringing many new features that eventually make it one of the best virtualization software in Mac.

One of the biggest gaps that I always complained in Fusion was the lack in the ability to open files with a virtualized Windows application directly from Finderl (Ex: open an XLS file directly from the Finder and make it opened with Microsoft Excel 2007 virtualized ). This is in fact a file association or associate extensions with a choice program.

Despite the efforts of VMware, still can not do this by default with Fusion, but with a few tips you can not work around the problem.

  1. Position the Finder on the folder where your virtual machine (Windows for instance);
  2. Right click on the VM (Virtual Machine) and select "Show Package Contents" (Show Package Contents);
  3. At this point it opens a new window is located inside the folder "Applications" in which there are the applications installed in the Windows environment;
  4. Open another Finder and navigate to the / Applications folder for Mac and create a new folder called (for example) "Windows Applications";
  5. Copy us in the applications (from the Applications folder in the VM you want to be indexed by Spotlight as native applications on Mac;
  6. Select a file with the extension you want to associate an application to Windows and right click choose "Get Info"
  7. Select the "Open With" and then "More" (Open With - Other)
  8. At this point, choose the application you want to associate the file extension. You can find it easily in the Windows Applications that previously was created in Step 4!
  9. Give OK and click "Change All" ("Change All" smileys . From now on it will open Fusion and its application when you open a file with that extension.

Now some screenshots to better follow the signs:

Have fun and good virtualization at all!

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Microsoft opens POP3 and SMTP Hotmail / Live

January 9, 2009 105 comments

This news passed rather quietly ... it appears here and there in some forums few users who had tried and tested the fact: Microsoft finally opened POP3 and SMTP mail service Hotmail / Live.

Most likely the advent of gMail and many other services with POP3 first, and then IMAP, open access your mail through a common email client, did reflect the Redmond company.

What happens at this point? Just it happens that if the situation were to remain so, will become more necessary as programs FreePOPs, MacFreePOPs and other services that allow to circumvent the problem of "POP3 server closed".

We all'operativo with the steps necessary to configure our beloved Mac Mail to download the Hotmail / Live ...

Parameters POP3 (Inbox):
Account Information

  • Description: Hotmail
  • Email address: (or .com)
  • Full Name: Name Surname
  • Incoming server:
  • Username: (or .com)
  • Password: yourpassword


  • Port: 995
  • SSL: active
  • Authentication: Password

Parameters SMTP (outgoing mail):
Account Information:

  • Description: Hotmail
  • Server:


  • Use default port: 25
  • SSL: active
  • Authentication: Password
  • Username: (or .com)
  • Password: yourpassword

To simplify things even carry screenshots examples ...

I hope this tip will be useful to someone!

First impressions "View"!

June 27, 2007 2 comments
Vista Home Basic Finally after a long time I was able to see and even I personally use Vista, the new operating system from Microsoft .

My father came home with a new laptop, specifically a Dell Inspiron 1501 , a laptop low end of the price from 499 €!

Features of "relief" of the handset:

  • MK-36 ™ processor with AMD Turion ™ 64 mobile technology;
  • 896MB of RAM (I do not know how to actually, but it says Vista);
  • 120GB HD;
  • ATI Radeon® Xpress 1150 HyperMemory (integrated up to 512 storage system);
  • DVD +/- RW dual layer.

The operating system pre-installed: Vista Home Basic.

As can be seen it is not one of the better performing computers on the market, rather ... it is a portable "low-end", at low cost.

Impressions of use:
The operating system is relatively slow to "Boot", that is to load and present a graphical interface to the user, until it is kindly asked for the user's password with which you want to access the system.

Once inside the loading Sidebar Gadgets greatly lengthens waiting times before you can actually work with the computer (it is about 30 to 40 seconds to wait to log made).

The re-style icons is really pretty, is one of the first things I was pleasantly surprised ... the interface is completely new (I speak compared to XP and earlier versions of Windows) and finally you see the transparencies used by both MacOSX and WM various Linux ( Gnome and KDE in particular) and the edges of the windows with decent!
Actually icons exceed in beauty (in my humble opinion - imho) my love of small icons OSX or Ubuntu (but it could also be just the novelty).

The rest ... I open Roxio CD / DVD Creator pre-installed Vista and absolutely does not want to get it started. On the tenth attempt, mysteriously he decides to run, after about 5 reboots "hopeful".

For each installation / removal of a program or management of "sensible system" comes on screen very worrying and alarming that asks us confirmation of what we are doing ... the beginning is gratifying to know that there is a check, then it becomes so boring because you ask ALWAYS.

After about 30 minutes of use ... I install several updates that the update tool (thank God at last is no longer bound to Internet Explorer and Windows Update on the Microsoft site) tells me and restart ...
Install a few programs and restart ...
Off control that bothers me constantly with dramatic messages like "BUT YOU ARE pretty sure ?!" and asks me to restart ...
The reactivated for safety and I re-asked to restart!

At home Microsoft are obviously loyal to reboot ... it is something that they bring with them the good Windows 95: REBOOT NOW!

They spend about 10 minutes of normal use (watching the voices of the control panel) and Explorer crashes ... so everything. What should I do I point?
Yes exactly: RESTART again.

Well, after about an hour I installed 7 programs, made some updated and restarted 7-8 times. Productivity? Nothing yet.

Apart from these "glitches" can be seen that the system is sufficiently stable even if it is not very responsive and bright. Surely this will be due from the computer not really "powerful", but I do not even seem so outdated that I could not manage without the frills serenely interface Aero.

Yes yes ... because the version Vista Home Basic as we know it lacks Aero and therefore should be significantly lightened. Not imagine how quickly that would this handset with Aero.

The good news is that after an usage of a few hours (or days for some utonto) once you get used and eventually remains "more comfortable" than Windows XP (always in my humble opinion - imho).

Another positive note: the function of instant search (shamelessly copied from spotlight) works well.

The gadgets fan ... definitely worth it. Aside to be quite ugly are there: disturbing the right to occupy space. You can not just call them as necessary are used with Dashboard on OSX . I wonder why they should stay there ... useless to the world and especially to me, you. Mah !?

Now I look at my Powerbook with OSX 10.4 (Tiger) and is known as snappy despite having all the features of Vista ... indeed certainly more (I quote only Exposé just to give an idea).
Then I move into the other room and I look at the Pentium IV processor with 512MB of RAM and Ubuntu 7.04 installed and see: Beryl I 1000 graphic effects (including those tamarri like fire) with amazing speed; Beagle that works as a spotlight; a stable system that does not crash and that it is safe; speed in using the system.

Nothing to say ... Vista did certainly progress compared to XP. But if Microsoft has stepped one meter long, Ubuntu has made ​​it one of 100 meters and Leopard (apparently from WWDC presented recently) 50 meters.

First impressions "View".

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