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iPhone: "jailbreak or not to jailbreak?"

January 19, 2010 2 comments

Here is the question that haunts many people struggling with the infamous iPhone, to unlock (jailbreak) or less?
What are actually the advantages and disadvantages of this choice?

I will not dwell here in explaining what the absence of the operation of jailbreak, but I intend to list only briefly, from my point of view, the advantages and disadvantages of that choice.


  • Add Cydia (reciprocating the App store)
  • SSH access to the device (use the iPhone as a hard drive in which to load files via ssh fact)
  • SBSettings (via Cydia) which sets quick menu for frequently used functions (on / off services like WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, etc ...)
  • Ability to synchronize applications (IPA) downloaded from the Internet via iTunes (the operation is legal, then it remains everyone the choice to work more or less legally with your device)
  • Unblocking a bluetooth for data transfer via the upcoming release of iBlueNove (former iBluetooth) of MeDevil
  • Enter a firewall (blacklist) for handling calls / SMS / MMS incoming
  • Add useful features to native applications like SMS Helper (displays a character counter input when writing a text message)
  • Change the 'APN of your phone provider to not run into unwanted charges on its rechargeable


  • For 3Gs with new iBoot, unbootable iPhone without having to re-jailbreak via blackra1n
  • Reduction of battery performance (not high if you use wisely the additional services such as SSH, etc ...)
  • I do not think so much more ...

You would add something else to the list?

Google OTA (Over The Air): Mail, Contacts and Calendar! Hybrid solution ...

July 2, 2009 4 comments

After a while 'attempts are finally able to acquire a satisfactory solution that emulates the Apple Mobile Me service.

Tools and services required:

From Gmail webmail set the option to forward a copy to a Yahoo! account (previously created) to take advantage of push notifications on the iPhone Yahoo! email!


On the iPhone, then, set your account to Gmail and Yahoo! to be notified of the mail in real time.

Calendar and Contacts
Register on nuevasync and follow the correct instructions to configure the iPhone.


At this point we can only say to Addressbook and iCal to synchronize with their Google services: Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar.

For iCal we can rely on the ease of use of Calaboration made ​​available by Google itself.


To Addressbook instead we have to rely to a little trickery. Enable AddressBook (address book) for Mac to synchronize with Gmail address book by its preferences:


Install Lingon and start it and enter a new agent (clicking on +) called such that will run the following command:

/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/GoogleContactSync.framework/Versions/A/Resources/gconsync --sync

every 5 minutes (or you can indicate to your liking the time interval for synchronization between Addressbook and Google Contacts).


Also as you can see from the image I added the "Run if this file is modified" as inserting path:

~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/AddressBook-v22.abcddb (check the name of the file on your computer)

Now Mac, iPhone and Google are perfectly aligned and synchronized automatically in style OTA (Over The Air)! :-)

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Google Calendar OTA: synchronize the colors!

June 25th, 2009 No comments

After setting up Google Sync on the iPhone I proceeded to synchronize Google Calendar already synchronized on my Macbook Pro via CalDev. That way I can finally have synchronized Over the Air (OTA) my calendars between iPhone, Mac and Google.

However, after setting everything correctly I noticed an annoying problem: the iPhone does not incorporate the same colors of the different calendars in Google Calendar.

Armed with patience, a good search engine and time I am came across an interesting article by Chris Carey .


  • iPhone 2.x or greater (tested also on 3.0)
  • Jailbreak carried out on the device
  • OpenSSH and Sqlite3 device
  • a bit 'of familiarity with terminal

1) First thing to do once you enter via SSH on the iPhone, it just installs Sqlite3 if it were still present:

apt-get install sqlite3

2) We continue with:

$ cd /var/mobile/Library/Calendar
$ sqlite3 Calendar.sqlitedb

3) and then ...

sqlite> select title, color_r, color_g, color_b from Calendar; -- List calendars and current colors

4) you should return a message like this (with the names of the different calendars):

Personal |181|0|13
Work |229|98|0
Birthdays-Alarms |15|77|140
Birthdays |229|23|23

5) At this point we just through Sqlite3 tell him to change color calendars that we want:

sqlite> update Calendar set color_r= 15 , color_g= 77 , color_b= 140 where title = ' Personal '; -- Blue
sqlite> update Calendar set color_r= 47 , color_g= 141 , color_b= 0 where title = ' Work '; -- Green
sqlite> update Calendar set color_r= 181 , color_g= 0 , color_b= 13 where title = ' Birthdays-Alarms '; -- Red
sqlite> update Calendar set color_r= 181 , color_g= 0 , color_b= 13 where title = ' Birthdays '; -- Red

6) Let's get out finally from sqlite3 typing ...

sqlite> .quit
$ exit

Done! Now I put my colors as you can see:


Finally I leave here the RGB values ​​of the standard colors of the iPhone:

Red = (181,0,13) = Red
Orange = (229,98,0) = Orange
Green = (47,141,0) = Green
Blue = (15,77,140) = Blue
Purple = (103,10,108) = Purple

Good hack at all!

Ps: always remember to make a backup before touching files in SSH.
Pps: it is given for granted knowledge of metodologies to jailbreak and use of basic Unix commands.

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The iPhone is still growing ... iBluetooth!

March 12, 2009 2 comments

At first it was locked ... then came Zibri and the DevTeam about firmware 1.x
With 2.0 again ... everything was blocked and the DevTeam also acted on firmware 2.x

Meanwhile many applications were developed to enhance the jewel Apple taking too brake from Cupertino!

I was (I mention only a few):

  • BossPrefs with SSH and off by EDGE and more
  • iRealSMS to manage individually SMS
  • Cycorder to record video
  • iBlacklist to screen calls and incoming SMS
  • Modem for tethering
  • SwirlyMMS to receive and send MMS

and finally ... just yesterday the iPhone is also able to receive and send files via Bluetooth to MeDevil with iBluetooth!
Application to the modest sum of € 3.99 (the cost well motivated by the same author) works only on the iPhone with firmware 2.1 or higher and jailbreakati.

I can only leave you with images that speak more than words:

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IPhone Voicemail number change

January 13, 2009 9 comments

I was very tired of this key Voicemail: whenever he prefixed by accident, I saw myself climbing the credit.

Voicemail key is nothing but a quick link to call the voice mail of your phone number. However when I forget any reason to lock the keyboard or exit the menu call, I always run the risk of touching the screen at that point by making a (inutilissima in my case) call to voicemail.

Armed with SSH and patience I run this little hack to change the number that is called at the touch of that fateful button.

It states that use Vodafone and that to do this you must have:

  • iPhone 2G or 3G jailbreakato
  • Firmware 2.2 installed (perhaps the procedure is the same / similar with previous versions)
  • sFTP clients (eg. Cyberduck or Transmit )
  • Editor .plist files (eg. TextWrangler )

The second premise is that this article does not explain, nor do I intend to do, how to jailbreak an iPhone or how to use a client sFTP and then their parameters input. There are hundreds of good guides that show how to perform these procedures on both Mac and Windows and other OS.

The steps to take are:

  1. Entering via sFTP in the iPhone
  2. Surfing on your client sFTP to the / System / Library / Carrier Bundles / Vodafone_it.bundle
  3. Edit the file carrier.plist with TextWrangler (it's always good to make a backup copy of the original)
  4. Save it and restart the iPhone

Just replace lines 28 and 67 the number of voicemail 42020 with the one you want (in my case I added 404 that makes me get a text message with the remaining credit)

And finally attach images of the operation:

Good hack at all!

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