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Running in the wild

July 16, 2008 4 comments

Armed with my trusty iPhone this time (instead of the iPod) I went in my part to run a little 'to get out and a bit' to maintain a minimum level of physical fitness.

A person dear to me once told me:
"Run and all the things will start to run ..."

Surely he is right, but yesterday I had a feeling running a bit 'different ... I run and still others are: back.
I lose some, others find it ... and I'm fine ...

I admire those who run around a plant or an oval doing endless laps boring, but I can not go through the fields, including the fields of my city in complete freedom, and run ...

... And run free!

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Milan-Inter derby

May 5, 2008 2 comments

Many know of my faith Inter and many others will know the outcome, alas not too favorable (for me at least), the last Milan derby Milan - Inter Milan ended with victory for the Rossoneri 2 to 1.

I was at the stadium and I must say it was a 'beautiful emotion, regardless of the outcome ...

The thing that I liked best were the choreography are the two fans that I can not do anything but put at the disposal of all ... very scenic and very nice! Very beautiful teasing on one side and the other ... that's the beauty of football!

On the other hand have not failed to reveal their dementia (senile not unfortunately) "my" fans, those Nerazzurri, during and after the game have flooded the first ring (AC Milan) of litter and above all objects of all sorts. Fortunately inconvenienced or other ... only a few insults and so much sorrow to see so much stupidity concentrated in such a small space!

To tell the truth I had to demented side ... but also more moderate, their was only one cheering idiots that I was stressed out and deafened for almost the entire match (I do not speak to Inter, AC Milan because my friend, who sat at my side, he could strangle them would have done it).

Well in short, a good game, shame about the result ... but is something definitely worth it!

Forza Inter!

Ps: hope to win this championship next Sunday at home against Siena ...

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Sestriere: Kimi trolling ...

February 17, 2008 1 comment

Finally, my husky, Kimi, he tried for the first time in his life to pull a sled in a wetsuit trained!

Many huskies, many howls ... and a lot of running in the snow Sestriere to give a little 'color to the White Mountains, including their bushy hairs of different colors and their blue eyes. How nice to see them all together to do what they love most: running in the snow. It is an incredible sight. About 25 minutes of video to be assembled to make a clip worthy of a documentary on the training of huskies being "towed sled." And many many pictures ... really: 145.

Here I report a few, low-resolution ...

But it is possible, for those who love this kind of picture and this wonderful breed of dog, download all the photos with a resolution of better simply by clicking here (34.29 MB).

I could not put the maximum resolution otherwise I'd have to uploaddare about 200mb of pictures ... it did not seem the case.

In short, as soon as I had the time to edit the video, I will publish a short clip! smileys

New Year 2008 - Gressoney

January 5, 2008 1 comment

And here are photos of New Year's Eve after the strong request of my fellow adventurers ...

The more appropriate title for the article would have been without a shadow of a doubt: Talpina 2008, but I preferred to stay more on formal boys ...

For the record ... where are grounded in the snow ... let it be clear that I did not fall while skiing, but it was an attack by someone well lurking in the mountains! smileys

And by clicking here , instead you can download high-resolution photos (not very high otherwise it would take me hours to uploaddare 82 MB of photos) - 14.33 MB

Decorations for Christmas 2007

December 9, 2007 1 comment

Christmas around the corner ... and this year they have made the decorations ... lights, fairy lights and little lights and other times something a bit 'more original.

This year, for me, it was a choice decor a little 'different ... I would say a bit' on the "Think different" in line with the philosophy of the newcomer (iMac)!

To download the photos in higher resolution click here .

What do you think? smileys

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