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September 8, 2009 No comments

I'll be back to writing after about a month of absence from the last article written on this site ... many new personal and non!

Point out that the absence was not caused by holidays in August (unfortunately totally absent this year) since (and here the main novelty consists staff) I changed finally able to land work in banking (Banca Popolare di Novara).

But during this absence there are also been many innovations in the computer world, since the launch of Snow Leopard which I am fully satisfied: a few new frills and a lot more stability and speed! The new feline proves to be much more mature than stage debut in Leopard (and unfortunately also in later versions). The diatribe of 32bit vs 64bit, the advent of QuicktimeX, the disappearance of Rosetta and much more in a cat that really roars!

Also new in WordPress which is now at version 2.8.4 with changes "under the hood", Microsoft Office for Mac Service Pack 2 (12.2.1)

And now you expect the upcoming release of firmware 3.1 for the iPhone (with great hope that the management of the battery is more efficient) and its battle between Apple and with DevTeam Jailbreak, Ultrasn0w and PwnageTool!

We hope many other beautiful new personal and not for the last quarter of the year!

WordPress is still growing: 2.8.1

July 10, 2009 No comments

Another update of the well known and widely used platform for blogging that brings the version number of WordPress 2.8.1 .

Usually updated with a single click that an upgrade is complete and painless in about ten seconds. Great work as always!

This time the updates are minor (as defined "under the hood"). You can see the complete list from the official page of the 2.8.1 changelog .

Good update to all and always remember to make a nice healthy backup of the database before proceeding with this type of transaction! Forewarned ...

iPhone 3G and 3.0: How much hysteria!

June 18, 2009 2 comments

For several days now, it was announced during the WWDC '09 the new iPhone 3GS and the much-anticipated 3.0 software for OSX for the same jewel of Apple.

At the conference there was talk of official 3.0 release scheduled for June 17 and so it was. But the past two days I have seen, read and heard all of the various forums, blogs and web-sites devoted.

Hysterical, crazy, and literally unable to read, read up and think. I'm sorry to admit it, but once the Apple community was far better. He could read, he knew to look for, and especially not fend knew was hysterical.

Many, even today, a lot of stupid questions arise about the inability to use bluetooth to send / receive files between iPhone and other phone devices.
I just want to remind you gentlemen that Apple has NEVER EVER talked about having opened the bluetooth for this feature with the 3.0. But reading costs too much and too little to complain about.

Many today still complain with Apple for the exorbitant prices of the new iPhone 3GS without realizing the difference between our price and the foreign telephone operators. The fault, now is not Apple, but Tim and Vodafone do not miss a chance to prove participation in a duopoly, with a sign, without any form of competition.

Apple has the high prices, always. Apple has a good quality (which unfortunately in recent years has declined in my opinion). There you will NEVER EVER expect cheap products from Apple. It is a policy which, rightly I think, Apple does not intend and could not afford to pursue.

Still ... many are now in total hysteria for the upcoming release of QuickPwn and Ultrasn0w by the DevTeam. The funny thing is that some of these "many" were able to "briccare" (lock the phone part) their iPhone just to try the 3.0 now and put pressure on the DevTeam ... again: READ and not always complain!

Mine is just a vent, beautiful and good. I feel lost among the flood of utonti who have arrived in recent years and who consider themselves part of a community just for the fact that they have spent € 700 for an iPhone that use or do not know why you bought the latest MacBook Pro just to get installed (by others of course) and play on a Windows Vista computer cool aesthetically.

They succeeded in blowing up the site iSpazio and block other sites and blogs dedicated. Hysterical looking and eager for information that will not only read ... but ready to leave a comment (often trivial and stupid) just to say I am before I arrived (do not know where I miss them).

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FreePOPs 0.2.8!

November 12, 2008 16 comments

And after so much development (development), the team of FreePOPs gave birth to the new version, now arrived at 0.2.8 of the useful program that lets you download your mail to your mail client (Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook) e-mail also services that do not allow you to use your own POP3 server unless you use their internet.

Examples are ecclatanti Free, Hotmail, Alice, Inwind, Virgil and many other mail services ... in my opinion, of dubious quality (especially the junk mail that is not filtered properly), especially when compared with services like gMail or AOL .

From here you can visit the official website of the project FreeePOPs .

From here , however, you can access the complete guide to email setup on Mac with FreePOPs (and using FMU ).

First "hack" on the iPhone (firmware 2.0)

July 20, 2008 No comments

Less than 24 hours that are passed from version 1.1.4 to version 2.0 of my iPhone 2G and I have already had the first "troubles" that in some ways, more or less simple, I was able to successfully resolve.

Problem 1: SSH, as by now inside the iPhone?
I would say nonsense ...
The good Cydia Installer behaves more or less like Nullriver Installer (better), so just a few "palpated" written right on the iPhone and voila: OpenSSH installed!

Problem 2: When you first start Mail (MobileMail) crash and fails to open.
We are the usual with some permission problem.
With OpenSSH, you will enter into a terminal to iPhone

ssh root@ip_iphone
(Default password: alpine)

and resets the correct permissions to the library

chown -R mobile:mobile /private/var/mobile/Library/Mail/

Problem 3: How do I disable EDGE so I do not exhaust all the remaining credit in a few minutes?

By following this simple guide !

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