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The politometro

March 27, 2008 4 comments

Oh Jesus!

Pardon the expletive but I remained astonished by the outcome of the tests I've done, precisely the test politometro.

A test that evaluates the political orientation of a subject through 15 multiple choice questions.

You can test by simply clicking here (sponsored by

Here's what I came out:


Of course, it should be noted that the test is based on questions (or statements) strong (in my opinion) that easily answered with excesses (categorical categorical yes or no), and therefore fails to give an accurate assessment ... but it's a play fun.

That's why I could not vote

March 20, 2008 2 comments

How would Caesar Cesaroni ... "that bitterness!"

As you can imagine not vote in elections for a political party, a preference card that, in theory, should govern for the next term and decide the fate of our country?

"Voting is a right, and first and foremost duty of every citizen of this nation"

That's what I always thought, and that until a few weeks ago I would have argued strenuously with the firm conviction of being right reasoning.

But now I'm lost, completely lost.

Not only do I identify with a political figure in the running for the top spot of the podium, which would already be a fact of success, but there is not a single person among the candidates or parties which do not try what some form of disgust / repulsion.

I've always been opposed to the extreme, then consider the idea of ​​giving a preference to the outer sides is out of my range. So we eliminate the extreme right, the group Storanchè (Storace-Santanchè), and the mixture multicolored called Rainbow I think.

The reasons:

Storanchè ... lack of expertise and professionalism, and I do not want to bring up descriptions of the characters.

Bertinotti and his party are anachronistic to me, still the 60s and affordable solutions that encourage the increase of the minimum wage to € 1,100 per month. Rather idiotic move because they result in empirically reduction of staff by businesses for being subject to a minimum roof or, in the case of this increase was supported by the State, would result in an increase in public spending by pushing up inflation and then make a record wage increase only nominal and not real (loss of purchasing power).

The greens, the brake of economic development of a country. Where are they can not build anything even when the collective good exceeds their mania to save puppies, plants and stones. "Supporting good ideals is right, cling to ideals is stupid silly"

The "big" center Casini pick up the pieces here and there and does not have a concrete program if not at the point in favor of nuclear energy. However establish an election on a point-to long-term (10 years at least) is less than utopian. Right idea, wrong time, the tools and the inability to involve other political forces on the big energy problem in this period.

Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, the party with tremendous momentum ... just against everything, a real significant trend, lost very soon including the good old Di Pietro and the Radicals. Again jumble? It makes no sense ... a party "denistra" (left-right) who still do not quite understand whether it wants to be positioned to the left or right. Well maybe this one, so you do not live more than historical legacies related to the historical concept of the Right and the Left in Italy.

Why not run alone keeping their program without no compromise with other parties? It would have been decided about the right ...

PDL, the People of Freedom. Nominate a candidate for prime minister a man already the fifth time? A man who was defeated by the last election? But what's the point? Where the spirit of innovation that would have to ride the scions of the new policy?
I did not want to repeat the various discourses anti-Berlusconi, who tied many people to make trinofare (a few votes) coalition (Olive) who willingly or unwillingly gave birth (or continuity depends on your point of view) to a phenomenon of constant and unrelenting distrust of the electorate in the political world.

What should I vote? How can I vote these people?
Regardless of what will be my choice, we will not have a strong power to govern, but again favors mediation between factions and factious.
Regardless of what will be my choice, I know that I will remain disappointed.

The vote is not wrong, but the vote each of these alternatives seem even more wrong.

I just feel lost.

Bitterness that ...!

Ignorance of the fan

November 11, 2007 No comments

I write on the occasion of something that happened a few hours ago.

Carryover from

According to what has emerged, the young fan was joined by a gunshot in the service area of ​​Badia al Pino, where they clashed ultras of Lazio, to Milan, and Juventus travel to Parma.

The games, for having Chronicle, this Sunday are Inter-Lazio and Parma-Juventus ... now please explain why a group of Lazio fans (in this case) must attack two Juventus fans.

Also from

According to early investigations conducted by investigators at the service station of Badia al Pino, it is possible that a fire may have been an agent of the Traffic Police, which had intervened on alert to quell the brawl between Lazio and Juventus fans.

Now in the last few hours it was learned that the game was suspended in Milan, which the supporters of Atalanta in Bergamo and Milan you are loading the coalition security forces. In Milan, Inter and Lazio supporters have railed with vocals (in reference to the old question Raciti) against the police ... and similar scenes a bit 'at all stages of Italy.

This is the ignorance of the fans. Do you go to the stadium to see a game, but you go for a fight, for a fight, to scream insults at players or opposing fans. The sportsmanship fades into the background, even in the last floor, leaving room for everything that should not even be close to football fights, insults, chants, banners, weapons, drugs, etc ...

Safety Measures in huge stadiums, bars with kidnapping, bombs, cards, knives and all kinds of weapon ... but this is madness. How can you go to see a game with a crowbar? What do you need? Why waste time in making stupid fan racist or a banner praising concepts of the extreme right (or left-wing against the police) without knowing a minimum of history? Why throw the game shouting, swearing, seek confrontations with those around you for no reason?

For now not your fault you play.
Because your family can not go to the stadium.
To blame your captain accidents.
For your fault someone died.

The formula is safe, or at least there should be: real measures against these attitudes of violence. Go to the stadium and do stupid things (violence, etc.)? Here, made a few years in jail, for real, no discounts of any kind of penis.

Fan stupid, ignorant, have you stew, leave our football.

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Iraq and Burma, different interests?

September 26, 2007 5 comments

The many (I hope) or a few (I suspect) that follow the newspapers and the news these days can not fail to have heard of the great and terrible events that are involving Myanmar, Burma.

"The military junta that for 45 years oppressing Burma (renamed Myanmar by the regime precisely) these days try to stop the protest marches led by Buddhist monks in the only way he knows: the iron fist. But it does not. "
[Source: BBC]

Summary: a military regime, against a repressive anti-war movement (Buddhist monks) who protest against the oppression within the country. Five victims among religious, siege to the most famous monasteries in the area, with attached tear gas, arrests and charges outstanding (including Zaganar, one of the most famous local actors, and Wing Nain, well-known activist for civil rights).

And what does the rest of the world exporter of democracy? I speak of course of USA and EU who have labored long and bloody against the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Afghanistan against the danger area, where the hideout of Bin Laden and his terrorist militias.

What they do, in fact, what do we do? Sanctions.
There are already sanctions hanging over this region, financial penalties against the country, who do nothing but aggravate the already serious situation of a poor country.

In Iraq, there has posed the question of do or not to go to war, we asked ourselves the question is:
"We make war to export democracy by saying or doing the war for the interests of black gold?"

Of principle I am opposed to the war, but I spontaneously ask why in some countries, you do so easily "war" when others with similar social situations, you decide to ignore the problem or to use sanctions " soft. "

The answer is known, it is obvious, know it all, sometimes we admit the chorus, but we do nothing to try to understand why you are using so much hypocrisy with this insolence!

Iraq, oil, business, dollars, wealth, interests.
Burma, peaceful monks, Buddhism, poverty, no interest.

I see it very simple, perhaps too much. Surely I omit many, many factors, however I am certain that the structure and the reasons underlying these decisions are easily represented in the diagram shown above.

Do not mention the wars in Africa that our newspapers / news even give hints or spaces in print. But the pattern is the same: no interest, no real interventions. And we talk about democracy in the world? Civil Rights? We can not even protect our right to the truth ... how can we expect to perform acts so "big" and "heroic" as the export justice, democracy and peace?

I'll never understand ...

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Open Letter to Mastella

September 25, 2007 No comments

I traveled on the site of Beppe Grillo and I found the link to the personal blog of Mastella ...

So I decided to make a walk, and finally to leave a comment, which is in the approval process (we'll see what will, I will update you on the outcome).

My choice is due to the fact that I was lying on the bed watching, maybe my first time fully, broadcast on RAI-3 - Ballarò. The topics were many and glowing and I felt a strong urge to write to someone ... more than anything else, I think, as a form of relief.

I provide the comment / letter sent to the Minister Mastella (in PDF format):

pdf_icon - Open Letter to Mr. Mastella

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