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Oddities in Milan

October 26, 2007 2 comments

Yesterday in Milan, during lunch break, I leave the office and head as usual at the restaurant to eat a little something to recover from the morning in front of the screen ...

But this time I noticed two little things a bit 'different from the usual that I decided to bring the image above:

  • a plaque on a windshield of a car;
  • a bike "naked"

I show you the photos that will surely help you to better understand:

Someone can explain to me what the heck you do with two wheels or that he meant that plaque placed there so randomly? Well ... Weird Milan ...

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The Truth Will Set You Free

July 8, 2007 No comments

The Truth Will Set You Free

Translate (not literal translation):

I've never posted lies about other people in my blog.
Especially if you believe that the truth can do more harm!

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Some legends university

June 15, 2007 No comments

Professor: "You can tell me which organ of mammals can, once energized, to reach a size equal to six times the size of the body at rest?"
Schoolgirl (blushing terribly): "I do not know ..."
Professor: "I do not know right? Think about it, it is not difficult! "
Student (more uncomfortable): "I can not think of anything ..."
Professor: "Come on, think of the life of every day ..."
Student (in severe embarrassment): "Well ..."
Professor: "Come on lady, we throw it!"
Student: "The penis?"

(Breaks out a roar in the classroom)

Professor (very calm): "Congratulations to her and her boyfriend, miss. However, the organ is the pupil "

It tells of a professor with the habit of using an interlayer rather vulgar in class. One day the girls who followed its course, exasperated, they agreed to leave the classroom block in the first word that the professor had spoken; boys, however, came to know of it and reported to the professor. So the professor entered the classroom the next day, saying:
"I've seen an elephant out of the door with a dick so long!"

Immediately, as if by agreement, the girls stood up and made to go to the door, but he said the block:
"Do not run, and already gone ..."

Examination of Analysis.
A college girl, dressed in a VERY truccatissima and uninhibited, supports the oral Analysis I. Once recorded vote, the student with the air of a diva, lights a cigarette and starts to go in the classroom ...
The professor and the student starts to get up, he exclaims: "And as he told Aeneas sail, I salute Troy steaming"

Examination of Cytology.
Professor: "Tell me, young man, something of the vaginal tissue"
Student: "The vaginal tissue is ciliated and ..."
Professor: "Excuse me, but are you sure?"
Student: "Yes it is ciliated!"
Professor: "I do not even remember that I quoted a proverb about it?"
Student: "But really ..."
Professor: "I've got to fail, but remember: where the train passes the grass does not grow!

It is said that during a chemistry lesson a teacher has entered into the laboratory, holding a jar full of piss, saying:
"Two good quality for a chemical are ingenuity and concentration. The ingenuity may make you discover that a simple method to detect the presence of sugar in the urine is to taste them. "
Having said this puts a finger in the piss and then licks it. "Anybody want to try?"
A student who does not believe that that is piss you put into your finger and licks it, feeling it was just piss.
Auks the professor continues: "The concentration on the other hand may make you discover that I dipped the middle and I licked the index."

Professor of anatomy who likes to embarrass students.
For a girl asks: "What is that thing that she and I did not ... she knows how to use and I did not ... from which he draws pleasure and I do not ...".
The girl: "The brain ..."

During a lecture at the Faculty of Medicine, the professor is holding a crowded lecture on the chemical composition of human sperm. After explaining that the composition is glucose a girl raises her hand for a question:
"Excuse me professor: you're saying that there is sugar in human sperm. Well, but if there is sugar, why is not sweet? "
After a moment of silence, the whole class burst into laughter that lasts several minutes. The girl, flushed, gathers all his stuff and runs away from the classroom.
The professor after a while 'says: "The sperm is not sweet because the taste buds are sensitive to sweet on the tip of the tongue and not the back, near the throat."

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Here's how Microsoft sells Vista

May 7, 2007 9 comments

Have you ever wondered WHO is the fool who will buy Vista? An operating system already obsolete at the time of its launch and immensely resource-hungry system that requires computer "NASA" to run decently ...

Here's the answer in this cartoon!


[Source: ]

For those unfamiliar with English translate:
"You want to use Windows Vista ... or get a shovel on my face?"

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Maximum on the computer

April 30, 2007 Comments closed

"There are some computers that are not made ​​to work ...

The others are ... Mac! "

Ps thanks to Dade` for the nice words.

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