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Guitar Hero III (TTR) on the iPhone

March 17, 2008 4 comments

And here we are with the 'iPhone, the latest jewel of Apple Mom, updated to 1.1.4 and waiting for the 2.0 which will introduce major new!

Many applications, utilities and games have already been created for this phone / PDA and among these there is Tap Tap Revolution, a kind of the most famous Guitar Hero With a small mod (modification) you can also get a theme throughout and for all similar to Guitar Hero!

Here is a little video demonstration of the iPhone while my "sound" Fix You by Coldplay smileys

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Ola y Mariposa: March 14, all at the movies!

March 9, 2008 No comments

from March 5 and can be found for the city of Vercelli, and in neighboring cities larger, posters, flyers and postcards of the projection, have a look at the newspapers that publicize the event, but especially do not miss it!

FREE for all spectators ...
all participants in the screening will receive a small and wonderful tribute by the relevant association. An incredible adhesive FUN CLUB OYM created especially for the screening of 14 March. You can not have it any other way, it is impossible to find, limited and you can stick anywhere ... especially on your machines or windows or on the doors! So you can say "I was there" but above all "a mi me gusta OlaYMariposa." A gift from the "team" Ola y Mariposa for all fedellisimi (while stocks last)!

I'll wait with impatience to see the (certainly very good) work of some of my friends (David, Edo, Camillo, Ghige and others) ... and I recommend to all visitors of this site, when they could be present, to participate in this event!

For more information and the trailer refer to the official website:

Come on guys flock!

"Knowing how to arrange", and also good!

May 3, 2007 1 comment

I was talking one evening as another chatting with a friend, Dade` , when I see the chat pasted a link to YouTube, a video in which there is actually someone that despite the difficulties has been able to make do ... and guys ... very well !

What I mean? Have you ever seen someone playing a guitar with his feet?
Then I'll show me ... in fact, YouTube:

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Plumiferos first film with OpenSource software!

May 1, 2007 No comments


Here is ready Plumiferos , the first film (cartoon) made ​​entirely with open source software.

The trailer, which you can view from here , very promising: compelling story, and above all picture quality and great indeed! Please take a look at the trailer if you do not believe ...

I can not wait to see it! smileys

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Thanks to Alessia and an invitation to all of you who read here!

March 26, 2007 No comments

Finally, after the article I wrote long ago ( this to be exact) about my intention to "volunteering", I received an e-mail by Alessia who kindly showed me the site giving me guarantees on the quality and reliability of the service offered by them to follow in his personal experiences!

So it seems only right a T hanks wholeheartedly to Alessia for reporting.

I would also share with you one of the two slideshows created by Alessia visible on youtube just by searching with key "alessiaa83"

But I do not want to stop here, and I want to invite all of you who will or by accident you ended up on this page to seriously consider the idea of a volunteer your contribution to ! Browsing on their site you will see that the forms of cooperation are of different types. On the other hand, as one said (Job Covatta):

"Just that little ce vo '?"

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